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Volume 5 Number 2, June 2021

Original Research Article

Public Debt Burden and Issues of Economic Growth in Nigeria: Are there Solutions?    HTML | Fulltext

Ilemona Alfred Sani, Nwite Sunday,
Cyber Security: The perspective of Accounting Professionals in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

Efe Efosa Ehioghiren, Joseph Oseikhuemhen Ojeaga, Onyinye Eneh,
Moderating Effect of Free Cash Flow and Managerial Ownership on Earnings Management of Listed Conglomerate Firms in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

Suleiman Kargi Hamisu, Zakariya Musa,
Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Tax Revenue Performance in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

Gabriel Msughter Tyokoso, Stephen Ioryer Onho, Bweseh Benjamin Musa,
Firm Structure and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Disclosures in Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

Nosa OHONBA, Ivie Eloghosa OGBEIDE,
Internal Control Structures and Financial Performance: Evidence from Listed Companies in Nigeria's South-West Region    HTML | Fulltext

Abiodun Anthony Eniola, Abiola Mukaila Tonade, Oluwafemi Samson Adeniji,


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