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Volume 2 Number 3, September 2018

Original Research Article

Determinants of Capital Structure in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

W. A. Sanyaolu, K. A. Job-Olatunji, G. T. Ogunmefun,
Empirical Assessment of Tax Aggressiveness of Listed Firms in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

S. O. Ogbeide, C. Iyafekhe,
IFRS Adoption and Financial Reporting Quality: IASB Qualitative Characteristics Approach    HTML | Fulltext

O. O. Agienohuwa, O. J. Ilaboya,
Determinants of Corporate Effective Tax Rate: Empirical Evidence from Listed Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

O. I. Inua,
Risk Management and Employee Efficiency of Quoted Commercial Bank in Nigeria    HTML | Fulltext

T. S. Orshi, P. O. Awuhe, S. O. Abu,
How do Boards Moderate the Powers of Powerful CEOs?    HTML | Fulltext

N. B. Asuquo, F. O. Amede,
Taxpayers’ Registration and Personal Income Tax Compliance in Nigeria: A Review of Literature    HTML | Fulltext

O. Eiya, K. A. Soyinka,


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