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Antecedents of Environmental Disclosure in Nigeria

A. S. Omoye , U. D. Wilson-Oshilim,

1Department of Accounting, University of Benin, Benin City.; 2Bursary Department, University of Benin, Benin City..

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Received: 14 April 2018        Accepted: 30 May 2018        Published: 30 June 2018

Citation: Omoye AS, Wilson-Oshilim UD, Antecedents of Environmental Disclosure in Nigeria. Account Tax Rev 2018; 2(2):101-116 doi:

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Antecedents of environmental disclosure or environmental accounting information may vary substantially and depend on countries. This paper looked at the antecedents which are the constructs or factors that stimulate environmental disclosure. Since laws have taken care of mandatory aspects, this study looked at antecedents of voluntary environmental disclosure among quoted firms on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The specific objectives were to examine theinfluence of firm size, profitability, leverage, managerial shareholding and industry type on environmental disclosure. It was an ex-post- facto type of research and longitudinal in nature covering time period of five years (2012-2016).  A total of one hundred and sixty-seven (167) firms quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange constituted the population of this study. It was a content analysis and historical data were obtained from financial statements and accounts of 118sampled firms. It employed descriptive statistics, Pearson correlations and diagnostic test was Hausman test and Random Effect Panel least square regression.Data collected was estimated with computer software known as E-views 8.0. This study revealed that:(i) firm size and profitability have significant and positive relationship with environmental disclosure; (ii) managerial shareholding has significant influence and negative relationship with environmental disclosure; (iii)leverage and industry type were statistically insignificant, but leverage was negatively related while industry type was positively related.In conclusion, disclosure of environmental information in annual reports can enhance stakeholders decision

Keywords: Antecedents, Environmental Disclosure, Firm Size, Managerial shareholding and Industry Type

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