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International Public Sector Accounting Standards Adoption and Fiscal Instability in Nigeria

Ifeoluwapo Adebimpe OYEWOBI

1Department of Accounting and Finance, Bingham University, Karu, Nigeria,.

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Received: September 28, 2019        Accepted: March 31, 2020        Published: March 31, 2020

Citation: OYEWOBI IA. International Public Sector Accounting Standards Adoption and Fiscal Instability in Nigeria. Account Tax Rev 2020; 4(1):74-84 doi:

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The International Public Sector Accounting Standards have been faced with numerous challenges in the field nowadays. IPSASs entail short-term costs and challenges that need to be seriously addressed. The paper examined the influence of fiscal instability (that is the incessant increase in government spending) on IPSASs adoption in Nigeria. The study employed primary data.  The population consisted of the accountants working in the ministry of finance in Plateau State and Nassarawa State. The sample size was selected from the accountant general and auditor general office.  The sample size selected was 253 using the stratified random sampling technique.  Data were collected with the aid of a questionnaire. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistic(percentages). The study revealed that more than half that is, 50 percent of the respondent agreed and strongly agreed that fiscal instability influences the adoption of IPSASs. Based on this fact, it was therefore concluded that the adoption of IPSASs might not be implementable. The study recommended that the government should see the need to regulate her spending for IPSASs adoption to be embraced as implementable.

Keywords: IPSASs; Adoption; Fiscal instability; Public Sector

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